Fright Night (2011) Out on DVD/Blu-Ray!

So, the Fright Night remake comes out on DVD/Blu-Ray this week.

You can go ahead and read what we thought of the film HERE. Basically...we thought it to be a pretty good trip back to the universe that Mr. Tom Holland created. Mostly due to Colin Farrell's performance as the iconic Jerry Dandridge. However, let us focus our attention to one of the lovely co-stars in the film.

Sandra Vergara.

She exudes sex whenever she's onscreen in the film. I seriously wanted more Vergara. Unfortunately, her role was reduced to a few scenes of her prancing around in her panties and bra...sometimes a flash of booby here and there. I'm not complaining...but, I just wish she had more to do with her character. She was mostly the comedic rival to Tennant's Peter Vincent. A scorching hot dancer named Ginger who performs in Vincent's Vegas show as well as in his bedroom. I wouldn't have minded if perhaps she joined Charley and Peter in their quest to slay Dandridge wearing nothing but her thong. That might've made the film a tad better.

As you've probably guessed by now, I'm all about Sandra Vergara...if only she would drop that damned restraining order.'s the trailer to said DVD/Blu-Ray that comes out this week...

Pick up Fright Night just in time for the holidays!

Oh...did I mention Sandra's sister?

Thanks for reading!