The Best of 2011

You chose the BEST OF 2011...and now we have it all here for you!

During the last few weeks, we took a super secret random poll through our Film Deviant Facebook Page asking 100 horror fans what they liked the most from 2011. It took us a little while to compile the list and edit it into a format that is pleasing to the eye. But, we did it! What follows is the ultimate list of only the best of the past year in horror and science fiction film. You won't find a better list out there. Trust us. It's even more special because you chose. The real horror fan. We thank you for taking part in our little poll (you know who you are) and we sincerely hope that the new year offers films as good as what we witnessed this past year.

So, without further ado...


We usually hate remakes and reboots and prequels and whatever the fuck else Hollywood does to milk more cash from an already established film. However, when a film that originally wasn't really that great gets a truly fun and interesting remake...we're actually quite pleased. And apparently so were you! The new Mother's Day works so much better than the original in almost every way. The actors are all great...especially Rebecca DeMornay, who plays the titular mother that you don't ever wanna fuck with. If you haven't already seen the Mother's Day remake, we don't really blame you...because, apparently, no one knows how to distribute a good film anymore. Hopefully, it comes out, you can appreciate why Mother's Day is THE BEST HORROR/SCI-FI REMAKE/REBOOT OF 2011.

The Final Destination (Part 4) sucked. Like really bad. So much so that when we heard about another one...we said "meh". However, Film Deviant was treated to an advanced screening at one of the busiest theaters in downtown Chicago with a packed house of Final Destination 5...and we were flabbergasted! Just so you know...we've never used the word "flabbergasted" before. FD5 blew us away. Everyone in the theater had a blast that night. It did what a sequel is supposed to do...improve on the last film and take things into a new direction. And (!)...the 3D was fuckin' awesome! And we usually hate 3D. FD5 stands as one of the better horror films of the past year and it was also chosen as THE BEST HORROR/SCI-FI SEQUEL OF 2011.

The TrollHunter (2010)

What's that? A Norwegian found footage film about a guy who hunts trolls? Trolls?? Sign us the fuck up! What a fantastically fun film from our friends in Norway. Before watching this film, most of us here at Film Deviant didn't have a clue as to what a freaking tosserlad was? TrollHunter is a beautifully fresh film that has caught the imagination of many horror fans. Hopefully, Hollywood doesn't plan on remaking the film anytime soon. Oh...scratch that. Still...the original exists as a great example of what filmmakers with a concept higher than their wallets will allow are capable of creating...relying on shear imagination as the main driving force. It is no wonder that The TrollHunter is THE BEST HORROR IMPORT OF 2011.

Wow. I remember watching this film with one of our contributing writers with such a monolithic amount of expectations that the internet hype had a hand in building up in my mind. Most media markets that I follow had already proclaimed this film to be the one absolute epitome of proper filmmaking of the year. Everything I read had a hand in swirling my anticipation to such a fever, when I finally sat down to watch Attack the Block I was so exuberant to have the experience match the hype so perfectly. Out of all the films on this "Best of" list...I would most definitely recommend this film the most to any casual fan of horror and sci-fi. It is a film that transcends the boundaries of the typical "popcorn flick" and becomes something so much more. I love Attack the Block and I am so happy to see it as THE BEST SCI-FI HORROR FILM OF 2011.

Nothing will hit you harder than Megan is Missing. Believe us. We kept on hearing about this found footage film regarding two young girls and an internet predator. We kept hearing about the final 22 minutes so many times that it became almost mythical fodder in which to become pretty cynical about it whenever the film was brought up into conversation. Until we finally sat down to watch Megan is Missing. Out of all the films on this list...this one will truly leave its mark deep inside of you. The film is uncomfortable and excruciating...especially those last 22 minutes. In a perfect world...Michael Goi would be recognized for making such a powerful film and both Amber Perkins and Rachel Quinn would win awards for their portrayal of the hapless online victims. Megan is Missing is a scary film. Not just because of its eerie presentation...but, also for the truth in the horrors that you are watching. Vampires and zombies don't exist...but this shit happens every day in this brutal world. Megan is Missing is THE BEST FOUND FOOTAGE HORROR FILM OF 2011.

Bereavement is a truly striking film. Very rarely does a film shine when two important elements combine to create something that cannot exist without the other. While the film is ultimately the brainchild of director/writer Stevan Mena, the look of Bereavement belongs to Mr. Marco Cappetta. The man knows how to make horror look absolutely beautiful. All the sunny country backdrops and the claustphobic shadowy environments seemingly breathing life on their own thanks to the eye of Cappetta's cinematography. Mena created a truly intriguing premise with the back story of Martin Bristol...but, Cappetta brought it all to life with such a haunting elegance. We doubt the film would be the same without his camera skills. Hopefully this won't be the last we see of him in the genre we love the most. We would actually be interested in seeing a science fiction picture with Marco as Director of Photography. A true talent and it is no surprise that Marco Cappetta's work on Bereavement was voted as BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY IN A HORROR FILM OF 2011.

Jee-woon Kim - I Saw the Devil (2010)

Speaking of beauty in horror films. No film was as ugly as it was beautiful as I Saw the Devil. The film possesses an atmospheric unease that crawls under the skin unlike any other film on this list and it is mostly due to Jee-woon Kim...the director of the film. Atmosphere and emotion are difficult to convey in a medium that takes a couple hours to appreciate. Especially when you take into account all of the different actors and production staff. However, it is a true auteur that can convey all of that emotion and atmosphere with nothing but an imaginative vision. It is this same imaginative vision that drove Jee-woon Kim to create I Saw the Devil...a horrific account of spiritual vengeance that causes a man to surpass his own limitations. You loved I Saw the Devil...and you chose Jee-woon Kim (a fun name to say out loud) as THE BEST HORROR FILM DIRECTOR OF 2011.

TIE - Creature (2011), Wrong Turn 4 (2011)

There's not much that we can say about this category...mostly because some of us here are still too busy staring at the scenes. Creature was a bad film. Wrong Turn 4 was a surprisingly better than average sequel to a franchise that surprisingly still exists. However, both films pretty muched tied (kinda like our tongues) for BEST HORROR NUDE SCENE OF 2011.

While the sequel to Laid to Rest wasn't as great as it could've been. The kills in the film are in a class all their own. We seriously recommend Chrome Skull: Laid to Rest 2 strictly for the ways that Chromey dispatches his victims throughout the entire film. And while we would be hard-pressed to choose one kill from the film that stood out the most, you chose Angelina Armani's serrated weapon to the mouth demise. Wicked! We didn't know her mouth could stretch that far. It's no wonder that Chrome Skull: Laid to Rest 2 has THE BEST KILL IN A HORROR FILM OF 2011.

Pollyanna McIntosh - The Woman (2011)

2011 was a great year for actresses in horror/sci-fi films. Danielle Harris had her best performance to date in Stake Land and Kirsten Dunst might very well win an Oscar for her role in Melancholia. However, there was no performance that stood out more than Pollyanna McIntosh as The Woman. She really creates a truly horrific character who conveys most of her emotion through her eyes alone. It's a truly unique statement to a person's acting ability when no real dialogue is spoken and feel every bit of emotion through the eyes. Pollyanna McIntosh is THE BEST ACTRESS IN A HORROR/SCI-FI FILM OF 2011.

Colin Farrell - Fright Night (2011)

Even though we freely admit that Colin Farrell was a curious choice when it was announced that he would be stepping into the role of the iconic Jerry Dandridge, he actually did a great job of making the role his own. In fact, Farrell is the best thing about the unneeded Fright Night remake. We only wish that the rest of the film was as great as his Dandridge. Colin Farrell is THE BEST ACTOR IN A HORROR/SCI-FI FILM OF 2011.

Once again...we here at Film Deviant would like to thank you all for voting on all of these categories. It was alot of fun creating and it stands as the truest "Best of" list on the interwebz...thanks mostly to the voice of the true horror fan....YOU! While usually we would join the legions of horror sites out there in their lists of 10 best horror films, we wanted to do something different and offer only 5 films that truly stood out from all the rest that 2011 had to offer. Again...we didn't realize that the list would run so, that's partly why we only chose 5.

Anyway, enough are the 5 Best Horror Films as chosen by Film Deviant!

Insidious took the horror world by storm. Released domestically on April Fool's Day, it stands as one of the most successful horror films of the year. Having created the Saw franchise, James Wan definitely cemented his name within the genre and Insidious does a great job of hitting his fans with something completely unexpected. The film is filled with heartfelt homages, rather than outright rip-offs which offer moments of nervous laughter along with its good scares.. I only wish that the second half of the film was as strong as the first. Still...Insidious is James Wan at his creative best.

God, I love this film. Tucker & Dale vs Evil is one of the funniest horror films of all time. Yes...I realize that's a strong statement, but it's also a true statement. The film is sincere and funny and gory and funny and hugely entertaining...and did I mention funny? It seemingly has everything. Everything except hot females of the unclothed variety. Tyler Labine is a talent to watch. He's one of those rare comedic actors that can actually act. Aside from a lack of female flesh, I really don't have anything bad to say about Tucker & Dale vs Evil. Awesome fuckin' film.

3. Hobo With A Shotgun (2011)

I've probably watched this film more than any other film on this list. Hobo With A Shotgun is a blast of a film. Leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination, it harkens back to the classic days of Troma. And what can I say about Rutger Hauer other than...I fuckin' love the man. Yes...I said it. I love Rutgar Hauer. And I love Hobo With A Shotgun.

Stake Land is my personal favorite film of 2011. It has it all. Heart, soul and gore. It does more than just offer another tale of vampires. It offers the true evil in the world as depicted by mankind. What if the end of the world as you know it came to an end...and all you could depend on was your fellow man? Scary thought, huh? Stake Land is nothing short of great.

I Saw the Devil is the best horror film of 2011. It is a beautiful tale of the horrors found inside the vengeful heart. The film offers a truly intriguing take on the protagonist vs the antagonist as it blurs the line separating the two at will. Director Jee-woon Kim is probably best known for his A Tale of Two Sisters...however, his best work can be found in I Saw the Devil. The film is a true achievement in horror and you would be doing yourself an extreme disservice to miss this one. There's not one bad thing I can say about I Saw the Devil and, while it was a tough call between this film and Stake was ultimately the best of all the 2011 releases.

So, there you have it...THE BEST OF 2011! Hopefully, we get more films of this caliber in 2012. We enjoy doing these "Best of" lists more than the "Worst of" lists. But, whatever the new year can rest assured that your favorite Film Deviants will be here sifting through all the which to shine a bright light on the best stuff for you...our beloved reader!

We thank you for a truly amazing first full year and we sincerely hope that you are here to see what we have in store for 2012!