Film Review: ThanksKilling (2009)

ThanksKilling is not a great film. It is as low-budget as they come. The FX is pretty bad. The acting is terrible. The story is absurd. The writing isn't good (they use the same exact joke twice!) and the film doesn't ever attempt to challenge its viewer intellectually. So, why in the hell do I love this movie??

Before we get into the review...I just want to acknowledge that we are going to talk about a film regarding a homicidal foul-mouthed turkey that murders a bunch of unsuspecting college kids on their Thanksgiving break due to an old curse placed on the demonic bird by Indians because they hate Pilgrims. Also...I'm a little drunk. I wanted to let you know what we're discussing here because whether you like the film or have to admit...that's a pretty awesome premise.

Also, I want you to understand that this film is indeed as the DVD promises: The Ultimate Low-Budget Experience. Probably around 4 Grand spent on the entire film's budget. The television that I watched the film on cost more than the film itself. So, you really can't go into this film expecting anything more than what the DVD box has stated. You will get terrible acting. You will get laughable FX. And the very first image of the film will most certainly be Pilgrim boobs.

So, why even bother with a film that may cause your eyes to bleed??

Because, ThanksKilling is a hilarious film worth the entire running time (a scant 70 minutes!). There's a scene where the evil turkey hitches a ride with some hillbilly and basically makes the guy call his daughter at gunpoint before ultimately blowing his fuckin' head off. I can you not love a film that shows a fuckin' turkey having intercourse with a hot girl (using a gravy-flavored condom) before subsequently snapping her neck??? It's kind of awesome in the most unreal ways.

There are no stand out actors. Although, I couldn't help thinking that I could see Cam Gigandet totally playing the cocky quarterback guy. There's about 10 or so kills. There's one involving Turkie bursting through a victim's chest! There's also a scene where Turkie dispatches a character in the film and proceeds to wear his peeled off face as a disguise to fool the other characters. I mean...COME ON!!

The cinematography is unremarkable and, as I mentioned a couple times, the FX is embarrassing. But, it is a fun exercise in low-budget horror/comedy that is much more enjoyable than most big budget films out there today. I think you'll like ThanksKilling. I mean...where else can you get dialogue like this?:

Darren: Looks like I got something you don't, Turkey!

Turkie: What's that, Darren... a vagina?

ThanksKilling is not a great film. As I mentioned in the opening's a technical nightmare. But, it is an awesome time and a great example of what filmmakers are capable of when their imagination for horror and comedy far exceed their wallets. Director Jordan Downey deserves credit for crafting something that deviates from the normal world of film. There's even a planned sequel (hopefully with a bigger budget) that will take Turkie into outer space! The film is a fresh take on low-budget holiday horror and has instantly become a Thanksgiving staple for us here at Film Deviant.

3 out of 5

All of us here at Film Deviant would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your loved ones a Happy Thankgiving...and what better way to give thanks than to have the entire film here for your viewing pleasure! Please enjoy...THANKSKILLING brought to you by Hulu (with limited commercial interruptions)...

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