Saturday, October 15, 2011


As horror fans...we are all pretty familiar with some truly iconic characters throughout the many years of the genre. If I say say Evil Dead. If I say Fright say Jerry Dandridge. If I say say TONY THE PIMP!

Since 1985 I've watched Demons and Demons 2: The Nightmare Continues so many times...I pretty much know all of the dialogue from both films. And most of the badass dialogue spoken comes from Mr. Bobby Rhodes who plays Tony the Pimp in the first film and comes back in the sequel to play Hank the Gym Instructor. I've said this before...and I'll say it again. I'm not sure what Dardano Sacchetti and Mr. Argento were thinking when they sat down to write both films...because Rhodes should have been the main star in both films. He's the man that knows what to do if ever a demons outbreak were to occur. If the rumored Demons sequel ever comes to fruition....Bobby Rhodes better be the first man they call.

From all of us here at Film Deviant...we want to take a little time to thank you, Mr. Rhodes for your contributions to the genre and may you endure further success in life.


Visit Mr. Rhodes here and get yourself a Tony the Pimp t-shirt!

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