Deviant Trailer: The Innkeepers (2011)

If you are a regular reader of Film Deviant then you will probably know how much we tend to pimp Ti West's awesome film...The House of the Devil. A film that would have made our Best Horror Films of 2009 list had we been around back in 2009. Well...West is back with another fine looking genre film!

This time around, Ti West tackles the spook house sub genre that is usually a tricky film to helm. Sometimes, a director makes the film look too silly...or too over the top. Judging by The House of the Devil, West has a great grasp of film tension and understands the relationship between creepy subtlety and well-paced moments of WTF.

The Innkeepers looks like another film we'll be pimping for awhile. The premise centers around the last two employees of a haunted New England hotel that is about to go out of business as they try to uncover evidence of the supernatural. It stars the lovely Sara Paxton, screen veteran Kelly McGillis and Pat Healy and looks something like this...

It looks like The Innkeepers will actually be hitting theaters on February 3rd, 2012 courtesy of Magnet. Don't you just love Magnet?

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