Deviant Trailers: Paranormal Activity 3 (2011)

When I was a kid I had this one incident where I went to bed and remember closing my window before I went to sleep because it was cold out. Later that night I had a nightmare that something climbed up to my second floor bedroom, into my window and proceeded to sit on the nightstand staring at me. The dream was so vivid that I seriously remember the face of this creepy thing being a gaping mouth with small black eyes and large sharp teeth. Then, the creature screamed so loud that I actually woke up from the dream. I frantically searched around for that thing...until I noticed that my window was wide open. I never really told anyone about that.

That above picture reminds me of that dream.

Here's the new trailer for Paranormal Activity 3 which comes out October 21st...

What do you think of the trailer? Personally, I think it has some good and some bad...but, for the most part...I'm kind of excited to see this. There's also a new marketing strategy involved with the film that lets you, the viewer, Tweet for a chance to see the film first!

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