Deviant Trailer: Paranormal Activity 3 (2011)

I've never been a particularly big fan of the Paranormal Activity films. However, I do respect them. I never watched them in the theater. Mostly because I feel that these types of films are best served in the darkness of your living room. So, I'm usually fine with waiting for them to hit the DVD shelves. I thought the first two films to be impressive feats of horror done on the cheap. In fact, the only issue I had with the first installments was the big studio digitally tampering with director Oren Peli's original vision. But, whatever.

I won't lie. The films do a great job of scaring the Jesus Christ out of you on a lonely dark night. Especially if you find the supernatural to be I do. Speaking of scary...the trailer to Paranormal Activity 3 hit the internet today and it does promise the same creepy atmosphere as the previous films. It takes place in the 80's when sisters Kristi and Katie were little girls who had a knack for conjuring evil demons.

Check it out...

See. I told you it was creepy. Paranormal Activity 3 hits theaters October 21st...just in time to scare up another box office fortune this Halloween.

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