New Trailer for The Walking Dead Season 2!

So...I'm excited for Season 2 of The Walking Dead...aren't you??

I know...I know...the first season had alot of really stupid moments. Especially that dumb finale with the silly countdown bomb that took out the entire CDC headquarters...yet wasn't powerful enough to blow out the windows of an old motor home. Details...details. On the other hand...the show is about ZOMBIES!

I love, that's why I can forgive most of the stupidity that Frank Darabont and company gave us in the first season. I won't even mention the vatos. ZOMBIES!

So, the new trailer for season two was released earlier today and it promises big improvements. Hopefully, those improvements also include the writing department. I'm still keeping an optimistic eye....because...well....ZOMBIES! 

Check out the trailer...

Season 2 of The Walking Dead premieres October 2011.

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