Name 3 Really Great Horror Films About Sharks

My son loves sharks. They fascinate him to no end. He can name most of the different species of sharks...more than I care to. I also have a good friend who has an irrational phobia of sharks. He won't go near a fuckin' beach because of this phobia. He won't even watch Finding Nemo.

So, I started thinking...

What is it about sharks that has us so scared? What is it about these aquatic monsters that captures our interest? I mean...if you don't ever go near the ocean...then, why would you be so scared? And if these bloodthirsty creatures are so dangerous...then why do they fascinate us so?

Personally...I like sharks because they are cool killing machines. They exist solely to kill...kinda like the Terminator. Once they have their target locked...there's pretty much no turning back. Everything about their make up is designed to kill. Pretty cool. And yet, pretty scary, too.

But, ultimately, this makes me wonder...

If sharks are such an awesome being of terror...then, why isn't there more horror films about them? Or shall I ask...why aren't there more great horror films with sharks as the main focus of terror? I mean...everything about them is elegantly horrifying. You'd think there would be many great examples in the cinematic horror world.

Go me 3 great horror films about sharks. Here I'll start you off...

1. Jaws

That's pretty much where my list starts and ends. Every once in awhile you get your Deep Blue Seas and your Open Waters. And while those films are good...they're certainly no Jaws. And while you can argue that Jaws 2 is a really good's certainly no Jaws 1.

Now...Shark Night 3D is swimming into theaters on September 2nd. And it's going to attempt to join the ranks of Jaws. Will it do so? Most likely not. But, it does look fun (Yaaaayy). Unfortunately, it's rated PG-13 (Boooo)...which means that the boobies and gore will be kept to a minimum. And that usually spells trouble for films like this. Look at the success of last year's Piranha 3D. That film was a fucking blasty blast. Mostly because of the over-the-top gore and the flesh that Kelly Brook and Riley Steele displayed.

Shark Night 3D is directed by David R. Ellis. You may remember him as the guy who directed 2009's The Final Destination 3D (Boooo).

Sarah Paxton (Yaaaayy) is in Shark Night 3D, though...which is definitely a plus. She's making quite the name for herself in the genre with 2009's Last House on the Left remake and next year's The Briar Lake Murders.

The trailer does make me wanna see this...

Thanks for reading,