Deviant Trailer: 11-11-11 (2011)

Darren Lynn Bousman has earned my trust with his version of the updated Mother's Day film. He has divorced himself artistically from the Saw films and has proven that he can make a truly gripping film consisting of great acting and a tight plot.

Not too much is known of his next film titled 11-11-11 other than it involves a supernatural entity that enters our world through Heaven's 11th gate on the 11th day of the 11th month. A rather ambitious premise that can either be really great like James Wan's Insidious....or really stupid like David S. Goyer's The Unborn. I guess it remains to be seen which path Bousman's film will follow. However, as I stated...I am putting my complete faith in his directing and I am predicting that it will be pretty cool. The new trailer does alot to back up my prediction...because, looks pretty cool.

Check it out...

11-11-11 comes out...on...ummm....November 11th. Unless, of course, the studios decide to change the release date on they do on all the other horror films. Although, in this case, it would be pretty hilarious if they pushed back the film a couple months...given the name.

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