Saturday the 14th (1981)

I was going to do this big Friday the 13th retrospective yesterday commemorating the 31 year anniversary of when Jason Vorhees was introduced to movie goers back in May of 1981....however, due to stupid Blogger issues I could not log onto my own fucking website all day yesterday...which also happened to be Friday the 13th, oddly enough. It wouldn't make any goddamn sense to publish that particular retrospective today. So, in honor of Saturday the 14th...I present a walk down memory lane for the film that honors today.

When I was around 10 years old, I happened to catch a film on cable (back when there were actual cables that came out of the remote control) that kind of creeped me out...but, made me laugh, too. The film was Saturday the 14th...a spoof put out by New World Pictures. I'm sure it's one of those films that captured the magic of my childhood....but, if I ever tried to revisit it now in my adulthood I would probably just doze off and write it off as lame. So, I haven't re-watched it for this particular "in-depth retrospective" on the film...and instead am relying on my trusty burnt out memory.

The film stars the nerdy awkward guy from Love at First Bite and a really hot girl named Kari Michaelsen that I've fantasized about since. It is 80's cheesy camp at it's cheesiest and probably isn't as good as that Transylvania movie with Geena Davis' boobies....but, it was still a fun cinematic experience.

Now, from what I remember, the film is about a family that moves into this old creepy house where the young son opens up the "book of evil" that he finds and conjures up all kinds of different monsters. It also involves a vampire couple who try to steal the "book of evil" for themselves. There's also a Van Helsing character thrown in there to try and thwart the efforts of said vampire couple. I'm pretty sure that's how the film goes. However, from what I recall...the one scene that's been burned into my memory from my days of youth is the bathtub/sea creature sequence. I'm sure that's what most people remember from the film.

I wanted to run away and find Kari Michaelsen and give her my love. I know I was 10...but, that didn't matter. A mere technicality. Those kinds of things don't matter much in the eyes of love. And my love burned for Kari...and I wanted her to know. Unfortunately, my curfew was 7PM in those days. So, I didn't have much to work with. But, it's a great scene nonetheless

Saturday the 14th isn't the greatest film out there from the 80's...but, it isn't bad, either. It is exactly what it suggests. A spoof on the real legend that is Friday the 13th. Perhaps if Blogger didn't lock up my site yesterday I could've brought you a much more interesting write up on the iconic Mr. Vorhees and his mommy issues. But, then again...maybe I'll just post it later this month....or perhaps not. Who the fuck knows. In any is Saturday the 14th and I wish you all an awesome Saturday and a great weekend!

Thanks for reading,