New True Blood Season 4 Trailer!

I'm not sure why I love the HBO Original Series True Blood so much. I's good...and I shouldn't be so ashamed that I'm addicted to the show....but, as a hardened fan of horror, I can't say that the show is scary in any way. It doesn't really compare to the vampire counterparts in much better films when it comes to quality or lasting impressions, for that matter. But, the writing is genius and the characters are great. My favorite is Jessica the vampire virgin.

Anyzwayz...the trailer for the new season made its debut yesterday and I couldn't post it due to our stupid website hosting being stricken with stupid maintenance and what-not. The trailer is super short and yet...I've already watched it  over 10 times...pausing it during crucial moments just to get any kind of clues to what the new season holds. All I could get was that Jessica the vampire virgin is still hot and Sookie does something mean to Eric.

Check it out...

The new season starts shedding the red stuff on Sunday, June 26th at 9PM ET on HBO.

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