Film Review: The Violent Kind (2010)

The Violent Kind is a film that you won't see coming. It travels down so many roads and has so many elements that it is often hard to keep up. It's not a great film...but, it's certainly not bad by any standard. It is the kind of film that you watch on a late night with all the lights down low and an open mind. While it is not for everyone...The Violent Kind will definitely find its audience. Trust me when I tell will not predict anything in this film.

But is it worth your time?

The Butcher Brothers (Mitchell Altieri and Phil Flores) are the director duo responsible for this film. While I mostly like their style...there were moments during the running time when the film felt a little cheap and forced. And while some of the acting was impressive...there were others that kept the film from hitting greatness. Still...I became an instant fan of Taylor Cole and Tiffany Shepis....mostly for their hotness.

The Violent Kind revolves around a small group of bikers who go around causing mischief and mayhem. They end up attending a crazy party one night at this secluded farmhouse deep in the woods of northern California where Michelle (Shepis) gets herself savagely possessed by some unknown crazy force. The rest of the gang try to figure out just what the Jesus Christ is going on. It's not long before a malevolent group of Rockabilly troublemakers descend on the farmhouse to collect "something" they've been searching for.

Get all that?

Yeah...didn't think so. It's a touch convoluted....but, somehow it mostly works. Not seamlessly, mind you....but it still works. While I don't necessarily agree with much of the choices that the Butcher Brothers made from a directorial standpoint...I don't hate those choices, either. It's not every day that you see a horror movie that involves evil Rockabillies and elements pulled out of zombie films and demonic possession films as well as stuff you might recall from the film Lifeforce. And for that...I have to at least give it some praise. It's not a film for everyone...but, it's got something for everyone. Does that make any kind of sense? Not really...huh? It's ok, tho....I still love you. Even if you don't follow where I'm trying to take you.

I will say that it is leaps and bounds better than most of the films that concern demonic possession and evil Rockabilly gangs. But, then again...I don't know of another film with those particular elements in it right now. But, what I do that The Violent Kind is way better than the film Legion (another film concerning demonic possession but no Rockabillies). It's a film that you have to have some fun with during a late night viewing. Gather around a bunch of your friends who happen to like their horror with a fondness for 50's nostalgia peppered into well as an appreciation for motorcycle gangs.

 7.5 out of 10

Recommendation: Perfect for that Demonic/Rockabilly party you've been planning!

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