Fangirls Film Review: Antibodies (2005)

What happens when you get the Fangirls together to do a film review on the awesomely crazy German film Antibodies? You get Sarah and Sam doing what they do best...friendship. Friendship is so important in these times of oil spills and tornadoes and high gas prices. I tried filling up my truck the other day and had to barter away my first born just to get a half a tank. It's ok, though...he's with a good family now...they're just going to have to teach him their language. Atleast I got a free car wash out of the deal.

Speaking of friendship...I once befriended a baby opossum. I named him Herman and we shared many magical moments together in my backyard. One morning I went outside to feed him...and found that he was gone. He escaped the chains somehow. I was pretty broken up for awhile. Sometimes you don't know what you got....til it's gone. Don't know what it is I did so wrong. Now I know what I's just this song. And it ain't easy to get back....takes so long....looooong.

Antibodies is directed by the talented Christian Alvart and stars Norman Reedus and Andre Hennicke. You may remember Alvart's Pandorum. That was an unfortunate exercise in potential and fine camera work. Hopefully he gets back on track with his next foray into the genre. I really love his style.

I feel like I forgot to mention something....lemme see....friendship....gas prices....Cinderella....OH(!)'s The Fangirls Film Review of Antibodies! Please enjoy...

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