Dexter Season 6 Teaser!

One thing I love about the genre of horror is the many levels of storytelling involved within the many mediums of film. Whether it be features, short films, television, and so on. As far as television goes, we have been blessed with many good examples of quality storytelling in recent years. One such example of fine television is the remarkable Showtime series, Dexter. I'm still reeling from the scars given to me by Season 4.

If you don't know about Dexter by now...then, I feel really bad for you.........seriously. But, not to worry...there's always Netflix. However, if you are a devoted fan to the serial killer with a code...then, you'll be excited to check out the teaser for the new season I found embedded below.

Gives me chills just thinking about what may happen in Season 6...

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