Deviant Trailers: Don't Be Afraid of the Dark (2011)

So, the sale of Miramax has forced a few films to remain on the shelf a bit longer than anticipated...however, a release date for the long overdue Guillermo Del Toro produced horror film....Don't Be Afraid of the Dark finally seems to be in our near future. August 26th to be exact. If you remember...I was salivating at this film when it was supposed to come out back in February. But, is quite unfair sometimes. So, we're forced to wait until August. The film does look pretty good, though. I'm sure there are haters that will say...."Oh, nothing will top the original version"...before the fucking film has even come yet. But, again....such is life.

The film stars the lovely Katie Holmes as well as the not so lovely, but more talented,  Guy Pierce. It is rated R and involves a young girl who goes off to live with her father in big old Rhode Island mansion. Have you ever seen the mansions in Rhode Island? Sick. She discovers something ominous in the basement of the old mansion and hell ensues. It is directed by Troy Nixey and goes a little something like this...

Hopefully the film comes out when it is supposed to this time.

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