Deviant Recommendations...

So, there's no big horror releases opening this week in the theaters. And unless you feel like checking out something like the cool-looking film, Hanna...then, you'll  probably just avoid the cineplex this weekend, altogether. However, this would be a grand opportunity to catch up on some horror films collecting dust at your local video rental store.

I put together a sort of little list of 5 film recommendations to check out if you are in need of a good horror fix. You cannot go wrong with these films. While they're not necessarily the best films you'll ever see...they are certainly the worst films to miss out on. Does that even make sense?? no particular order...queue, rent, or steal these films...

Shuttle (2008)

I picked this one up one night because I kept seeing the trailer in other Magnet releases. The premise seemed interesting enough. Five strangers accept a middle of the night ride from some dude that drives a shuttle at an airport. turns out that this was the wrong person to take a ride from. It's full of some interesting plot twists as well as really good performances by the lead actors. Unfortunately, the film never excels to greater territory. It's a fun little rental, though...especially if you enjoy little films that descend into darker territory. I especially loved Peyton List...she's gone on to do bigger stuff on television...but, here she shows how good she can be in a smaller genre film. Cool film.


Them (2006)

I loved this film up until the last act. However, I understood the direction of the story and the film makers' need to craft a horror film somewhat grounded in reality. The basic gist of Them (also known as ils) involves a young couple spending a night with each other in a rather large house deep in the woods....when, all of a sudden, they are awoken by a disturbance in the middle of the night. To say anymore would be to spoil the fun. I will say that the first two thirds of the film is impeccable story-telling and a good use of tension. While I didn't really agree with the outcome, you might like where the film ultimately goes. It's definitely worth checking out, in any case. Solid film.


Inside (2007)

Beatrice Dalle is fucking malevolently awesome in this film. I loved every moment of Inside...even the excruciating moments. The film is basically about a sadistic woman who torments a soon to be mother one Christmas eve night in which to take her unborn baby from her. From the opening moments all the way to the absolutely over-the-top finale...the film is a strong entry into the world of French horror and the images will not soon leave your memory. It is an unrelenting journey into a night of pure hell and gets my full recommendation.


Eden Lake (2008)

I feel like Eden Lake is just another version of Them. It's still an amazing film, though. The film quality is beautiful and the gore is ugly. There are some moments of pure silly disbelief...but, for most of its running time, Eden Lake is an enjoyable little horror film that delivers as much substance as it does winces. The story is about a couple that travels to a place called Eden Lake for a secluded romantic get away. They fuck with the wrong kids and end up fighting for their lives. Definitely worth a look/see if you're fiending for horror this weekend.


Paranormal Activity 2 (2010)

As much shit as I gave the first film...the second one actually improves on some of the issues I had with the original. Katie and her tig ole bitties are back...but, so is the demon that haunts them. This time around we are introduced to her sister, Ali and her family who are haunted by this supernatural force. The scares are good here and the tension works much in the same way as the recent film Insidious did. While I didn't care for the ending of this film...I didn't hate it as much as I did in the original. Ultimately, though, I thought it was a good tie-in to the first film and definitely a good way to creep you out during a late night viewing in your dark living room.

Well...there you have it. Five films to appease any horror fan yearning for something evil this weekend. Please follow my advice and check out one or all of these films this weekend and avoid the true terror that is Arthur.

Thanks for reading,