Daywalt Horror Week: Top 5 Horror Shorts

Drew Daywalt does some pretty awesome things with a camera and his dark imagination. Film Deviant has spent sleepless nights watching all of his short films and has finally compiled a top 5 list of his best. It was a truly difficult task to pick only all of our tastes here at Film Deviant are different and Mr. Daywalt has a vast catalogue of cool stuff. But, we all had some similar picks in our top 5, without further ado...

Film Deviant's Top 5 Drew Daywalt Horror Shorts...

5. Doppelganger
A seemingly simple premise. You're at a train station....then, you get an unnerving phone call from your sweetheart. You're now on edge...who is this person in your home? What is going on? Doppelganger is one of the more high concept short films from the Daywalt Fear Factory. It's more of a Hitchcockian style of fear. It stars Reagan Dale Neis and Brad Light and it will surely send a chill down your spine.

4. The Bad Cookie
Drew Daywalt wrote an article on his School of Fear about the perfect balance between comedy and horror. I think he proves that very balance in his collaboration with Dread Central called The Bad Cookie. It's a malevolent tale of a woman and her angry creation all dipped in a very tongue in cheek dark humor. It stars the very lovely Denise Daywalt and the hilarious Edin Gali.

3. There's No Such Thing
This one's my personal favorite of Mr. Daywalt's dark creations. It combines many elements in such a simple premise. I think it's his best example of disturbing subtlety entwined with what-the-fuck-did-I-just-see horror. It does star his cute little daughter, Abigail Daywalt and Azure Parsons. There's No Such Thing seriously creeps me out every time I watch it.

2. Camera Obscura
Last fall Drew Daywalt released a rather ambitious web series online. It was called Camera Obscura and it is by far a prime example of what Mr. Daywalt is capable of doing on a larger scale. I don't wanna spoil anything because the series is best served if you don't know too much going in...but, I will say that the first episode pretty much hooks you in. It stars legendary Jack Klugman as well as a bunch of really inventive demons. You can view it all at your leisure over at Daily Motion. But....for starters...I have the first episode below for you. Please enjoy...

Episode 1: The Book by Camera_Obscura

1. Bedfellows
Because this top 5 list was compiled by all of the Film Deviant associates, I had to put Bedfellows at number one. It was definitely the most popular choice for the top spot. Personally, I liked some of Daywalt's other stuff more...but, I do love this one because it pretty much goes for the throat in terms of fright. What is most amazing about this little two and a half minute film, how it manages to scare you more than most of what was released in 2010. That says alot about what this man has in store for us. Without further now is the "rock star" of Daywalt's horror shorts....

So...there it is. Film Deviant's favorite top 5 Horror Shorts directed by Mr. Drew Daywalt. Trust me when I tell you that there are a ton more short films to discover over at the Daywalt Fear Factory. You can pretty much spend an entire day checking out all his stuff. Click on the Daywalt Fear Factory logo to see for yourself!

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