Daywalt Horror Week: Playing Games

Drew Daywalt knows how to scare you in just a span of a few minutes....when you're watching his videos. But, what if you try to escape his YouTube world of fright? could turn to your favorite video games to calm your nerves. You're in control there....right? You're safe there....right?? No. You are not. Drew will find you....even at home on your favorite gaming console.

Not very long ago....Mr. Daywalt shot a "scare video" for G4 ( I miss you, G4). It's actually quite hilarious to see a bunch of unsuspecting gamers get the holy ghost scared out of them while they're playing Dead Space 2.

Check it out...

Now...something that I find kind of disturbing is an award-winning short film written and directed by Mr. Daywalt called Polydeus. It combines video games and horror. Two things I love. The premise involves a mysterious video game that releases horrific creatures once you start playing it. It gets more psychologically complex in the span of its 12 many feature length horror films that were released this year, so far, can you say that about?

Polydeus is among my favorite short horror films created by Drew Daywalt and it is available exclusively at FEARnet.

Unfortunately, I am not allowed to embed it onto this awesome site of mine...however, please click on the link below for your viewing pleasure...

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