Daywalt Horror Week: The Music of Corvo

Continuing Daywalt Horror Week...we arrive at a very integral part of the atmosphere of a film. Especially when you're dealing with horror. Often times...the music sets the mood of the entire film. Drew Daywalt works in such tiny spaces when it comes to his short films so it is super important that he utilizes the right soundtrack for his work. Enter Corvo.

If you look back to the genius works of Dario Argento (I'm talking about anything pre-1990) you will find that his music of choice is the equally genius soundscapes of Goblin. Well, Mr. Daywalt is no different when he chooses the eerie soundtracks for his visions of fear. Corvo is a band of two...Greg S. Burkart and his wife, NiNi. Together they compose the dark music that completes the atmosphere for nearly all of Daywalt's films.

You can find Corvo's music by checking out their official website HERE.

You can also find Corvo's music in the following Daywalt Fear Factory films....The Kindred and Suicide Girl. Please enjoy...

You can find more Corvo in the Daywalt Fear Factory.

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