Best Film Posters of 2011...So Far...

2011 has been pretty scant as far as good horror films go...unless, you're willing to scrape the bottom of the proverbial barrel looking for the next true scare. However, as far as one-sheets go....2011 has been pretty damn awesome for the genre. Now...don't get me wrong...there are some dumb-looking photo-chopped duds. But, there are also some really good looking ones, too! Much like the cool-looking one for Scream 4 above, which...incidentally, comes out this weekend. The poster almost makes me wanna see it. I'm just kidding...hah...I love Wes Craven...I mean...My Soul to Take was...absolutely hilarious. Wait...what? You mean to tell me that My Soul to Take wasn't meant to be a comedy? Oh...

So...all of these films have either come out already...or have yet to come out....or are awaiting distribution deals in order to announce when they are coming out. But, regardless, the poster captures the essence of what true film anticipation is all about. The ultimate cock-tease before you even have an opportunity to get a look at the actual footage.

In no particular are my favorites of far...

I absolutely fucking love this poster. It hits on so many levels...and's so simple. It explains everything...without giving anything away. The innocence and the malevolence of it all. Brilliant. Now...if only this film was playing within driving distance of my house.

Rutger Hauer is one of my favorite actors from the 80's. He could basically do a whole film devoted to the finer points of lawn care and I would still watch the fucking thing. This one sheet from his latest film flawlessly captures the beauty of this epic throwback that could've easily been released somewhere between The Osterman Weekend and Blind Fury. The poster is a good example of how a throwback should look like.

God, I fucking love Ti West. Well...not actually love him...but...well....ok...that kind of came out all wrong. Here...let me start again. God, I wanna have hot sweaty monkey sex with this poster from Ti West's latest film, The Innkeepers...which, as of this posting, hasn't found a wide distribution deal yet. But, damn...what a sexy fucking poster.

Ever go to a Slayer concert and see that kid wearing the Slayer t-shirt to the show? Well...this poster would not only kick that kid's ass...but, it would also jump on stage and join Kerry King in a guitar solo to Dead Skin Mask. That's how fucking heavy metal this one sheet is to the sequel to Laid to Rest. Hopefully, we'll see this film get the proper wide release that it deserves. Most likely not, though. However...I may get this poster tattooed onto my chest.

It says alot for the genre that we're almost balls deep into April and here I am writing about the best movie posters of 2011 so far...smh.

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