Daywalt Horror: The Closet (2011)

Drew Daywalt certainly knows how to touch your spine in ways you've never dreamed of. He co-founded the horror troop called Fewdio a few years back and now he's doing his own thing with the Daywalt Fear Factory. If you haven't heard of him before...fear will. Daywalt is a master in the craft of scaring the Jesus Christ out of you and he has some really cool stuff coming out soon. We'll have a full interview with the busy man in the coming weeks....but, for now...

Please enjoy his latest horrific effort starring Brea Grant, Bonnie Aarons and Kaylee Score simply titled.....The Closet...

Visit his School of Fear for his intelligent horror ramblings and his YouTube Channel to check out all of his videos...but do yourself a favor.....leave your lights on...because he will fucking scare you silly.

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