Deviant Trailers: Bereavement (Release Date: March 4th, 2011)

Well....March certainly looks promising. In addition to being the month where yours truly was brought into this horrific world, it is also the month full of good looking horror. Coming out on the first weekend of March is the prequel to the 2005 Steven Mena directed film Malevolence called Bereavement.

It's the story of a lunatic who kidnaps a young child in which to give him a more intimate look into his sadistic world. I gotta say...the trailer looks fuckin' amazing....but, maybe that's because I'm seriously starved for some good horror so far this year. We're already 2 months into 2011 and it's been a dry season for the genre. Hopefully....Bereavement cures my thirst for horror. It also stars the always dependable Michael Biehn and the always hot Alexanra Daddario.

Check out the trailer (nipples)...

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