Deviant Trailer: Apollo 18 (Release Date: April 22nd, 2011)

Oh look...another fucking "found footage" horror film. This time it takes place on the moon.

The Weinsteins are going to try to fool you into thinking that NASA sent two American astronauts to the moon in 1973 as a covert mission funded by the US Department of Defense. The "footage" you are about to see has been "found" by the Weinstein Company and brought to you as evidence to the real reason why we've never been back to the moon. It would have been better if this was released on April Fool's Day under a brilliant marketing campaign with no description or anything. That way the "actual found footage" would've been at least seen under a new point of view. But, whatever....who am I to say anything? I run a little horror blog devoted to films such as this. Perhaps I'm just a little sore from falling asleep on my microfiber couch last night during the second act of the film Vanishing on 7th Street. I wanted to have a full review up for today....but, unfortunately, the film was so captivating that it moved me to a state of unconsciousness. I'll give it another whirl today.

In the's the captivating trailer to Apollo 18....

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