Deviant DVD Releases: 02/01/11

The first day of February brings us some good genre releases available on DVD, so you can finally catch up on the horror films you may have missed last year or perhaps revisit them in disc format to find new interesting behind-the-scenes extras or deleted scenes. Here now are the best of the best in horror DVD for the week of February 1st...


The first one up is Hatchet II (2010) which marks Adam Green's unrated return to the gory backwood swamps of Victor Crowley. While I did enjoy the first Hatchet film, this entry was a bit too convoluted for my taste. Still an entertaining way to "kill" 89 minutes, though. While I was personally more impressed with Green's other 2010 effort, Frozen, he is a true talent in the genre and knows his way around over-the-top gore.  Oh...and Danielle Harris is hot.

Next up is Chain Letter (2010). A mediocre film about the dangers of refusing to forward those annoying little chain messages you always get. Keith David is in it. The film is ok. Nothing more. I would personally wait until it comes out on Cinemax. But, then again...February isn't really filled with alot of theatrical, it might be fun to check out Chain Letter on a rainy Thursday night.

Monsters (2010) makes its debut on DVD/BluRay this week and, while it isn't your traditional big monster horror movie, it is a very well made film experience that you should check out. Here's my full review from last October.

Finally, Let Me In (2010) comes out on DVD/BluRay. I really wanted to hate this film when it was first announced two years ago, however, when I finally watched it last October I left the theater more than satisfied...and my only real complaint was that director Matt Reeves never made the film his own stand alone experience. Here's my review. By the by...I think it to be extremely fuckin' sad times when Stephen King proclaims that a remake of a far superior Swedish horror film is the best American horror film in the last 20 years. Just sayin'.

Other genre releases available on DVD shelves this week include Virus X, Lorna the Exorcist, Pleasures of the Damned, Red River and  Bad Biology.

So, that's it for this out to your nearest Red Box, queue up your Netflix or head out to your local video rental shop and check out some horror tonight!

Oh...did I mention? Danielle Harris...and hot??

Thanks for reading,