Tuesday, January 4, 2011

GODZILLA 2012!!!


Hollywood tried making their own Godzilla film back in 1998 (damn, that seems so long ago!) and nearly fucked up over 50 years of hard work by the Japanese movie industry. Fortunately for us, the shitty talents of lackluster duo...Roland Emmerich and Matthew Broderick couldn't take down the powerful Japanese beast. So, Godzilla swam back to the far east into the hands of more capable film makers for a string of old school guy-in-a-rubber-suit movies known as the Millennium Series. Everything was back to normal.


Legendary Pictures (the film company known for the Batman reboot) decided to purchase the rights for a Godzilla reboot in 3D targeted for a 2012 release. Oh...and the director this time around? Gareth "fuckin" Edwards, ladies & gentlemen. That's right! The man responsible for the 8th film on my Best of 2010 list...Monsters. An inspired choice for director's duties....I just wish that the stupid 3D gimmick would go somewhere and die already. Hopefully...this will be a film of extraordinary magnitude.

By the by...I've always loved this classic...

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