Film Deviant T-Shirts Now Available!!!

So, late last year I decided to rename my horror blog Film Deviant and enlisted the talents of my good friend Craig Medeiros from to design a logo for me. He was hesitant at first...something about not having enough time to mess around with a new design project due to a sex change operation or something. I'm not sure if I remember the details correctly. So, anyway, Craig finally decided to enter his laboratory of the dark arts and came back with a wicked logo (I grew up in Boston). I love it. So much so that I begged him to put it on a T-Shirt.

Well, he did...

You can instantly become a Film Deviant by purchasing it here for the same price as a Slap Chop ($19.95 plus shipping). A small portion of the proceeds goes to helping Craig out with his sex change, please, help a brother out.


Thanks for reading,