31 Nights of Horror - Night Twenty-Nine: Psycho (1960)

Alfred Hitchcock was an unparalleled genius when he was alive and making films. He really knew how to display a mood of suspense and horror on screen and create an atmosphere of dread. During a time when every horror film released was something involving Dracula or the wolfman or Frankenstein or all three, Hitchcock made a small relatively quiet film that introduced the world to Norman Bates...a new face of horror. It was in 1960 that he released Psycho and the world of horror would never be the same.

Psycho has so many elements within, even though the film is a very basic story about a young man who runs an old motel and has a very unhealthy love for his dead mother. Norman Bates is played all too well by a young Anthony Perkins. The man has never had another role nearly as iconic as this one. Kind of a shame, considering his talents on full display in the film.

Speaking of iconic...I defy you to think of a more iconic scene in any horror film than the shower scene in Psycho. To this day...I make sure that the door to the bathroom is locked when I'm in the shower and while I'm washing my hair I always give a courtesy peek to make sure that there are no J.A. Henckels blades within close proximity. The scene is that scary...and Janet Leigh's scream is that blood-curdling.

I could literally write a thesis on the brilliance of this film. I'm pretty sure there is nothing that hasn't been written about this Hitchcock classic. Oh wait...there is one thing that has not been written about this film. Psycho is unquestionably the most perfect fuckin' film on the Film Deviant blog. I'm sure that's never been written. And it is....perfect. Out of all of the films on my list of 31 horror movies, Psycho is the one film that can be given the title of horror perfection. You could probably make the case that if it were not for this film horror movie icons like Jason Vorhees and Michael Myers would never exist. I'm sure there would be some incarnation of either one...but, the world of horror would not be the same. And yet...it is such a simple film.

Hitchcock was a goddamn genius and Psycho is goddamn perfect. If you haven't seen the film yet...wait....seriously? You haven't??? Come on, man....stop fuckin' with me. Seriously?? Ok...well, I really don't know what the hell you are waiting for. Stop reading this blog...run out and buy the BluRay now available! It is seriously such a great masterpiece of film by the legendary Alfred Hitchcock. Glad we had that talk.

If you have seen the film, then you'll really know what I mean when I say that Psycho is a perfect choice for any Halloween occasion.

5 out of 5

BTW...I've always loved this trailer...

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