31 Nights of Horror - Night Nineteen: Day of the Dead (1985)

Day of the Dead is George A. Romero's last great film and it is my personal favorite from his "of the Dead" series.

It's amazing to see what Romero churns out these days when you consider this film as something he did when he was in top form. Personally, I think he should've just ended the zombie films with this one. I mean, I was just as excited when I heard news of him doing another "of the Dead" film as the next horror movie fan. However, when I finally sat down and watched the almost passable Land of the Dead and later the punch in the nuts that was Diary of the Dead and, finally, the sleepfest that was Survival of the Dead I felt sad in the way that you feel when your favorite boy band gets back together to do a reunion tour in which to regain the magic that captured your heart in the first place. Then, you buy front row tickets when you hear that their tour stops in your town and you get the really glossy and expensive tour program along with the satin tour jacket and you get to your seat only to witness Joey singing out of key and Jonathon looking like he's not really into it anymore. You see that Donnie has lost most of his hair and Jordan can't really pull off his old moves without pulling a hammy. I don't know about the other dude.

I'm sorry...where was I?? Oh.......Day of the Dead fuckin' rocks!!

The film stands as the peak of Romero's greatness. It takes all of his great metaphors on humanity and blends them together seamlessly with his knack for telling his quintessential zombie horror story. I absolutely love this film. Definitely my favorite "zombie movie" of all time. Although, I sometimes switch places on my list with his first classic entry.

The military have barricaded themselves in an underground bunker in which to get away from the world that has been overtaken by the undead. It is here where they hold experiments on the undead to better learn how they tick. Romero gets a little preachy with his don't mess with nature thing, even though the example of nature here are fuckin' undead creatures. Doesn't matter. Great fuckin' film!

The gore in this film is Tom Savini at his best. The part where the douchebag guy gets his body torn apart still holds up to this day as one of the best special F/X scenes ever put on film. I can't say enough about this film...you just have to put it on your "films to watch this Halloween season" list. But, wait....there's already a list like that......HERE....on Film Deviant! So, you don't even have to do anything...just read my list and trust me.

Day of the Dead is a perfect zombie film. It's Romero's best work, in my humble opinion....you know...you might wanna start respecting my opinion...after all...I'm the one with the horror movie blog.

5 out of 5

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BTW...Bub the Zombie rules all!!!