31 Nights of Horror - Night One: Trick 'r Treat (2007)

"This film is a love letter to Halloween and all of us who love it even in our adulthood..." - Thomas Drew

That pretty much sums up what this film is about.
So...I heard about this movie a little over 3 years ago. After I saw the trailer....I instantly wanted to watch the film. I heard it was gonna be released in October of 2007. I smiled with excitement and made note of what to watch once Halloween came around. Well, October came and went in 2007. Nothing. Then, I heard that Warner Bros. shelved the movie and had no immediate plans of releasing the movie anytime soon. I scoured the internet in hopes of finding the movie kickin' around in a torrent somewhere. No such luck. Warner Bros. basically dropped the fuckin' ball.

FINALLY....I read in the spring of 2009 that it was to come out on DVD in October. I shrugged my shoulders and proceeded to not hold my breath. Then my good friend, Thomas, sent off his review of the film and I basically sprinted to the nearest Blockbuster in hopes of finding an unrented copy. No such luck. I went to Target, Best Buy, Hollywood Video........no one had a fuckin' copy!?!?

Then, one night, after circling my block a few times trying to find a damned parking spot......I discovered this well hidden video store with all kinds of cool Halloween decorations in the windows. I immediately pulled over. I walked in and asked the clerk if he had any copies of Trick 'r Treat. He said that they were all sold out but(!!!), they had one for rent on the shelf....he didn't know if it was in. So, I walked over to the horror section in hopes of finding it. After I couldn't find it in the "T" area.....I literally went through all of the titles to see if it was in the wrong spot. Nothing. I seriously contemplated tearing down the whole fuckin' horror movie section with my bear hands until the clerk announced to me that it should be in the "New Releases" section. I immediately made my way to the smallish area sectioned off as new releases. I found it! I fuckin' found it! I asked the guy if I could buy it....and he told me that it was the only copy in the store and it was to be a rental only. I flinched and almost threw the fuckin' empty Trick 'r Treat box at his head. Instead, I asked to open up a new account and proceeded to walk out of the hole in the wall video store with Trick 'r Treat in hand. Fuck Warner Bros.!

I'm telling you all of this because Trick 'r Treat is absolutely....100% worth all of the hardship I endured in the above paragraphs. As Thomas mentioned...it'll be a horror movie classic and a sure must for Halloween seasons to come. I watched the film all the way through with a cheesy 12 year old grin across my face. It's not the scariest film on this list, but it is a film that will stay with you for years to come. I loved all of the stories in the film and believe that Sam is sure to be a horror movie icon.

The film is your basic horror anthology which tells four Halloween related stories. It is expertly directed by relative newcomer Michael Dougherty who is more known for his screenwriting credits for films like X2 and Superman Returns. Incidentally, Trick 'r Treat is actually based on a short film of his called Season's Greetings.

The film stars many familiar faces including a pre-True Blood Anna Paquin back when she was still getting her feet wet in the genre with this as well as 2002's Darkness. I won't spoil anything for you...but, let's just say that you won't expect what she does here. I mean...you might see it coming...but, you won't see it coming. That doesn't even make sense.

By the by...can Sookie make up her goddamn mind already?? Jesus Christ...I feel bad for Eric and Bill. Sam Merlott was the only sensible one and actually got himself a life...while Sookie just continues to string poor Eric and Bill around like a couple of vampified sex toys. I mean...come on already! Stop prancing around like a freakin' whorish fairy and just pick one!

I'm sorry...I seem to have run a little off subject there.

My personal favorite story is The School Bus Massacre Revisited. It just hit me on some personal levels with the subject matter as well as sent a sincere tingle down my spine. Really great sense of tension and story-telling in that particular one. But, that's not to say that any of the other stories are inferior in any way. As, a whole...the film captures perfectly the essence of the season.

My advice...

If you love anything about Halloween and the tradition of horror and all the cool stuff that goes along with it....then, you need to do yourself a favor and see Trick 'r Treat. It is nothing short of greatness.

5 out of 5

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  1. It's a fantastic movie. I believe I will be renting it again this year. I can't wait to see what else makes the countdown...


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