Trailer: The Walking Dead (2010)

Zombieland was supposed to be a TV show before it eventually made it to the silver screen. After watching that magnificent film (which is available on DVD right now!) I couldn't help to think how awesome it would've been to tune in every week watching the many adventures of Tallahassee and Columbus. Well, I think AMC heard my lamenting because they took the highly overrated comic book The Walking Dead and turned it into a TV show that will be premiering on the network this Halloween. I gotta first I was a little skeptical at the prospect of watching what the director of The Green Mile and The Shawshank Redemption would do to a show about a man looking for his family in a world overtaken by zombies but, then I came to my senses and realized that this could be all kinds of epicness. I mean, look at what the writer of American Beauty did for the vampire genre. AMC has been on the up and up for a little while with their Mad Men show about...well....mad men. I haven't tuned in to that one yet but, everyone tells me it's the cat's pajamas. Judging by the 5 minute (!) trailer I think The Walking Dead promises to deliver more crimson than Christina Hendricks...

Oh...and did I mention Christina Hendricks?