Devil (2010) Teaser Trailer

Not quite sure what to think of this quite yet...being that it's only a 2 1/2 minute teaser. M. Night Shyamalan conceived the idea and produced the film handing over director duties to one Drew Dowdle who wrote the screenplay to Quarantine....a film remake that I did not particularly care for. Don't get me's a really interesting teaser trailer. Makes me wanna see Devil....I just don't know if I can put my cinematic trust in a man who was responsible for The Happening.

The premise of the film is said to involve a group of people who get trapped in an elavator realizing later that the devil is among them. Personally...I think it would be more interesting if the film was about being stuck in an elavator with Glenn Danzig.

It's got a release date of September 17th and you can check out all kinds of stuff at the official website including the HD version of the teaser trailer here.

In the can check out the tiny version of the trailer below...I gotta learn how to format this damn blog...