DVD Review: Zombieland (2009)

So, I just purchased the DVD for Ruben Fleischer's Zombieland. If you've seen the trailers then you're probably familiar with the fact that this film stars Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg (who apparently attended the Michael Cera school of acting), Abigail Breslin and a red hot Emma Stone. The film is basically a "buddy" flick between Columbus and Tallahassee (named after their destinations so they don't get too attached to each other)....until they meet Wichita and Little Rock in which it then becomes a story about family...mainly the one that you end up with. As a post zombie stricken world...the movie is pretty straight forward....there's nothing new introduced to this premise. However, the heart of the movie is in the relationships built and established within the characters of the film. You really get the feeling that these characters begin to care about each other and ultimately you start caring about their well-being. Usually, zombie movies don't really care about the characters in the story....and it pretty much turns into a rabid display of gore. And although this movie has its fair share of R rated gore......the story unfolds sincerely and the characters drive this film. My only small gripe about this movie is that you could basically replace Jesse Eisenberg with Michael Cera and get the same exact performance. But, that's just me being finicky.

The movie rocks harder than a 1984 Metallica concert with Slayer opening up for them. In fact....the opening sequence alone is hands down the best I've seen in God knows how long......FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS!

I enjoyed all the rules for survival in the film and found myself laughing out loud at certain times. There was only one real jump scare that I saw coming...but, that was mainly from the super loud soundtrack of the movie. I think Woody Harrelson was born to play Tallahassee and he pretty much is the resident zombie-ass kicker in the film. It's funny because, this movie was originally conceived as a TV pilot...but, was later turned into a film because of all the gore and violence. I could totally see this as a weekly show on HBO or something. It has that "feel good" aspect to it when you leave the theater that makes you want more. I'd like to see different volumes of this movie eventually. The further adventures of Columbus and Tallahassee.

My only one advice if you are interested in checking out this film is.....don't read any reviews circulating out there (aside from this one, of course).....there's a really nice cameo that's probably worth the admission price alone and it would suck to get that spoiled for you. I know that I heard a few things buzzin' around regarding a couple people that were supposed to be in the movie....and when I finally saw who it was....I was pleasantly surprised. So don't read any reviews.....the 89% on Rotten Tomatoes should suffice. Hell don't even log onto the IMDB site. Just enjoy it for yourself.

The DVD is presented in your usual 2.40:1 anamorphic widescreen ratio and boasts deleted scenes, a really nice commentary (I'm so addicted to commentaries...I wish adult films came with commentaries) with both Woody Harrelson & Jesse Eisenberg as well as the director and writers of the film, a behind-the-scenes featurette and a mockumentary entitled: "Zombieland is Your Land - The Zombification of the United States". It also has a featurette that shows you how they shot some of the really cool visual effects for some of the scenes and reveals how they got to the end result. The packaging is pretty fuckin' standard and has some stupid review quotes on the box including one that claims it as "the funniest comedy since The Hangover"....I mean.....really??? The fuckin' film came out just a few months after the fuckin' Hangover did. Why the fuck would you even say anything like that??? It's like saying that the hamburger you ate for dinner was the best fuckin' meal you had since the meatloaf at lunchtime. It makes no fuckin' sense. Anywayz.....I bought the DVD for the actual film...not the packaging. Would it have killed Sony to throw in a digital copy?

If you didn't catch this film in the theaters...then, you suck. But(!)...you can ultimately redeem yourself by purchasing this DVD at your local Target, who have it on sale until the 6th of this month.

Go check it out and have a fuckin' blast.....Nut up...or shut up!

9 out of 10
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