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Remember those annoying Toyota ads from back in the day? I remember a time when purchasing a new Toyota was a no-brainer. Want something reliable? Buy a Toyota. Want something cool with that Japanese flavor? Buy a Toyota. Want something relatively inexpensive and safe? Buy a Toyota. Times have officially changed. The president of Toyota has issued an apology this past week for being in charge of creating Japanese death machines. The company has also stopped sales on 8 of its models including the Camry and Corolla. Fuckin' crazy! You'd think that in a time of economic turmoil for American auto makers, foreign auto makers would be doing all they can to swoop in and take over the world. I'm sure Toyota will bounch back in no time, though. Look at Hiroshima. In the American.

Avatar has officially passed Titanic as the highest grossing movie of all time domestically and internationally and intergalactically with its gazzillion dollar box office take making James Cameron the master of the universe. I personally think he purchased tickets to the film around the country....keeping it in the number one spot. There's also talk of a sequel to this film. Man, if I were this guy I'd go buy a small country and show my movies all day on every screen and television in that country while having hot foreign island girls painted in blue fellate me all day. I think I'm the only person in the world that hasn't seen this yet. Although, I grabbed a bootleg copy from, I'll try to check it out over the weekend.

So, are we ready for some fuckin' football this weekend?? I got a hundred bucks riding on the Colts. Although, I'd like to see the Saints win it for the city of New Orleans. So, I dunno. Peyton Manning vs. Drew Breeze. I wish my last name were something cool like Breeze. Life would be so easy.

In other sports news...Derrick Fuckin' Rose made it to the All-Star game. The Chicago Bulls haven't had an All-Star since Michael Jordan. Fuckin' rad. They also clocked in as the first NBA team in history to win 5 games in a row on the road against winning teams. Even MJ's Bulls couldn't do that. Too bad they've dropped 3 in a row since.

Finally...some horror junk...

This week it was announced that Tony Timpone has stepped down as the editor of Fangoria magazine. I'm not too sure how familiar you are with the publication, but Tony Timpone has been the editor for as long as I can remember. I would buy issues of Fango and remember seeing his ugly face all over the magazine. Tony Timpone has also done quite a bit for the horror world outside of the magazine. I'm sure no one is gonna give two fucks about a Tony Timpone but, for me it's just another one of those reminders that time goes by so quickly and things from your childhood will most certainly change. It's like a time capsule shot off into space somewhere. I wish I still had my stack of Fango's just to sit alone in a closet and reminisce page by page. Here's a few of my favorite covers...


Please do yourself a favor and queue, buy, rent or steal both The House of the Devil and Zombieland. Both are my top picks of 2009, both are now available on DVD and BluRay (and probably VHS somewhere) and both will not disappoint. One is a kick ass zombie flick and one is a throw back to old-school Devil worshippers. I'll let you figure out which description goes with which film. Seriously, though...go get on that.

Hope everyone has a great Superbowl weekend. Go Colts (Saints)!!

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