This Week's Junk: February 13th...

'Nother week...more junk.

Hey! Valentine's Day is Sunday! What are your plans? Do you even still care? I do. Call me a sucker...but, I love the candy, the hearts, the kisses, the blood, the flesh ripped open and the taste of someone's heart in my mou----ummm.....nevermind. I do like the "Hallmark Holiday", though. Maybe it's because I'm in the best relationship of my life. I do understand how this is the one day out of the year that some people loathe. I have friends that don't even acknowledge its existence. Shit, there was a time when I was one of those people. I guess it all depends on where you are in life. These days, I'm good. Love is epic. I'll be making heart-shaped pancakes on Sunday morning hoping for a special Valentine's Day tugjob.

Also, this Sunday is the NBA All-Star Game. First time since Mr. Michael Jordan that the Chicago Bulls will be represented in the game by none other than Mr. Derrick Rose.

I checked out the Magic/Bulls game at the UC last Wednesday evening courtesy of Dynamex Messenger Service. They invited a couple of us from work to their nice box suite at the United Center. First time in my life I ever enjoyed this way of watching a Bulls game. Free beer, free food, free dessert, free beer, plush leather seats, a nice balconey, free beer....I could go on and on. HOLY FUCK!!!! DERRICK ROSE JUST GOT TOMAHAWKED BY FUCKIN' DWIGHT "THE COCK" HOWARD!!!!! OOOHHHH NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Turns out he suffered a bruised hip and according to the MRI, he should be about 85% to play on Sunday. Fuck. Iverson will sit out, Rose an excellent opportunity to showcase his gift for breakin' legs with his crossover. Unfortunately...he won't be 100%. I hate Dwight Howard. He is my new arch enemy. I hope he gets decapitated by the backboard on Sunday while going in for a dunk.

This week's horror junk finds The Wolfman transforming into theaters everywhere this weekend. I read that there were so many issues plaguing the making of this film. The original director, Mark Romanek, abandoned the set just weeks away from filming. There were various reshoots and rewrites and headaches that went with the making of this film so, I wouldn't be surprised if The Wolfman was served as a heaping pile of wolf excrement. However, I've heard several mixed reviews of the film. Here's what one girl, whom I used to know from Stamford, CT, thought about the film via facebook:

Raisa Shterenberg Is waiting for the bus after The Wolfman. If you were wondering my opinion-I felt it was a strangely paced movie with great dialogue and an old school horror with modern gore effects. Sadly it relies on a character that can only be what you want him to be every 3 weeks.

Bryan Martinez So, on a scale from 1 to 10...what're U giving it?

Raisa Shterenberg 7? 6.7? If you can catch a matinee as I did, do it. If you have a large tv at home and know where there's a red box, wait 5 months.

In other horror-ish news...Anchor Bay has picked up Britney Murphy's final film called Abandoned which is a pyschological thriller mystery involving a girl who drops off her boyfriend at the hospital for a routine outpatient surgery only to discover later when she picks him up that he has vanished. Sounds a little gay...but, who knows. It's been on a shelf for a year and now that Murphy is'll be released to cash in on her demise. Too bad this wasn't her other movie, The Dead Girl....the marketing campaign would've been genius for that one.

Finally...speakin' of The Wolfman, the original wolfman, Lon Chaney Jr. would've been 104 this week. Wonder if they planned the release of the film to coincide with his birthday or if it was just a coinkeedink.

Guess who else celebrates a birthday this week?

None other than Wednesday Addams....she turns 30...

Happy VD!

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