ONG BAK 3!!!

Here is the new teaser poster for a brand new Tony Jaa sequel to the prequel to the original Ong Bak!! Wait....I'm confoosed. A sequel to a prequel? So....wouldn't that be the original? Or is it like the Star Wars movies where the "original" is not the "original" but, another installment before the "original"? I head hurts now.


The poster is pretty bad ass. Note the gratuitous use of Tony Jaa wang in his intense pose.

According to various reports on the worldwide web...Mr. Jaa had a nervous breakdown during the filming of Ong Bak 2 where he basically broke down into tears and ran off into the jungle for several days. Apparently someone talked him into finishing the film but, I wonder if the actual film suffered from the incident as I haven't even watched it yet. The first one was classic and I can't wait to catch up on the second one in lieu of this news.

Here is the link to the teaser trailer...

You have to give the man credit. He is pretty prolific in churning out kick ass trailers.

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