Last day of January. Cold as fuck outside. Tomorrow will be the first day of another month. It will still be cold as fuck outside. So...we're one month into a new decade. Crazy. Time is falling quickly these days. My son is already almost 2 1/2 years old and he says "no" a lot. We're closer to the Mayan end of, we should prepare ourselves. The coming of the end....according to Roland Emmerich, anyway. All this talk of the end makes me remember the beginning...or atleast a couple decades ago when I was young enough to hurl myself off a flight of stairs on a useless wooden toy. Now I'm lucky to just roll around on that same wooden toy.

I remember sitting on my skateboard wondering what I would be doing 10....20 years from then. Well...this is it. Here we are. What's next? The end? Maybe the beginning? Maybe the beginning of the end? Who knows. I feel like shredding a curb now.

Thanks for reading,